Germany has a rich but distant history of mission leadership over the centuries, from the work of various Catholic orders to the impact of Luther’s reformation. Unfortunately, in the last 100 years, Christianity has lost much of its credibility due to a watered-down Gospel, the impact of two world wars, and pervasive humanistic thinking. To many, the Church is an irrelevant, cultural artifact of the past.

In Germany today:

  • Less than 5% of the nation attends a local churches on Sunday
  • Only 2% of the youth call on Jesus as their Savior
  • The average age of an active churchgoer is over 50 years old

The main focus of CRM’s ministry in Germany is to mentor and help church leaders discover God’s deeper calling for themselves and their churches, ultimately seeking the multiplication of disciples in this heavily unchurched population. As the team comes alongside church leaders, they hope their fellowships will re-discover discipleship and evangelism in the region, particularly among younger generations. This may mean newer forms of church and outreach into communities as they explore how discipleship multiplication could be started.

In addition, the team is pursuing Gospel partnerships across European nations. They seek to build bridges between Western and Eastern Europe, including ministry trips from Germany to Hungary and Serbia, giving German partners the opportunity to support the work of the Church among eastern neighbours.

Team History & Growth
Rob George leads the Ethne Germany team. He and his family first served 7 years with CRM in Hungary within the CoNext Partner "Barnabas Group." In 2011 they moved to southwest Germany, where they were invited by the German Free Evangelical Denomination to partner in church development and church planting efforts in the Black Forest region. Rob works regularly with their local church in Kandern and participates in various pastor and church planter circles in the State of Baden-Württemberg.

The Harter family joined the team in the summer of 2013, also serving with the Georges in the Kandern Valley and in mission efforts on Lake Constance. Ethne Germany desires to build their team further, seeking local ministry partners and others who have a heart to reach Europeans.

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