The vision of the Singapore team is to build focused leaders for every church and ministry in Singapore, and to birth mentoring movements in every country in Asia. The ministry is highly relational, providing small group and one-to-one mentoring for Christian leaders. The team seeks to support the growth of these leaders in spiritual, leadership, and ministry formation, with the hope of gaining a clear sense of calling and intentional plans to live it out and vision to develop their followers into effective ministers for Christ.

Jim and Kimberly Creasman moved to Singapore in 1999, and it was in 2002 when Jim started a pastor's mentoring network using the Focusing Leaders curriculum. Eventually, trainings on this curriculum were held, and mentoring networks started. The number of these networks and their facilitators continued to grow, and by 2011, 200 people had participated in Focusing Leaders Networks and 50 had been trained as facilitators.

In 2010, the Creasmans sensed the mentoring foundation in Singapore was strong enough to start expanding to other Asian countries. have started itinerant mentoring ministry in other Asian nations such as Myanmar, Malaysia, and Brunei. In 2011 we have initiated new mentoring networks in Malaysia, Philippines, and other a large nation in Asia.

The team aims to send itinerant and long-term missionaries to every Asian country, initiating mentoring networks that will identify and equip spiritual leaders who will make mentoring their ministry and start local CRM entities to multiply mentors in their own country and beyond.