Board of Directors

Tim Redmond

President and Owner of Newcastle Financial Advisors, Inc. | Fullerton, CA

Serving the community for over 30 years as a trusted financial advisor, Tim has achieved his qualification as a Certified Financial Planner (CFP(c)) and is a member of Kingdom Advisors, a ministry to encourage the use of Biblical principles in personal financial consulting. He also served as board chair for Special Olympics, Southern California during the Los Angeles World Summer Games in 2015. Tim is also a coveted speaker for the Special Needs Coalition, which promotes best practices in legal and financial matters for families with a member with special needs. Tim and his wife Cathy live in Fullerton CA and have 6 adult children and five grandchildren.

Will Brooke

Senior Partner, Harbert Management Corporation | Birmingham, AL

Will is Executive Vice President and Senior Partner with Harbert Management Corporation in Birmingham, Alabama. An attorney by training, Will has contributed significant expertise to the business as mission initiatives that CRM undertakes around the world and CRM’s strategic direction. He and his wife, Maggie, have been advocates and supporters of CRM for years. They reside in Birmingham and have three adult children.

Charles Clift

President, Curtain Wall Design and Consulting, Inc. | Dallas, TX

Charles has worked in the building construction industry for over 40 years as a structural engineer. He specializes in exterior cladding design for high performance projects around the world. Charles is an active elder at Highland Park Presbyterian Church. He and his wife, Laura, champion several ministries, and treasure interaction with CRM staff. Charles and Laura have four married children and eight grandchildren.

Gary Knutson

Principal Software Engineer | Irvine, CA

Gary Knutson has been a software engineer for over 25 years, specializing in the development of financial and mortgage applications. He currently is a principal software engineer for a software consulting firm located in Irvine, CA. Gary, and his wife, Kelly, live in Irvine, CA and are the parents of two teenage sons. Over the past 12 years, Gary and Kelly have regularly served in a variety of ministry capacities in children’s ministries through their local church.

Sam Metcalf

President, CRM-US | Fullerton, CA

Sam has served as the president of CRM since 1985. His passion for leadership development, discipleship, and the spread of the good news of Jesus around the world has led CRM into over 85 countries and a variety of innovative ministry models contributing to contemporary movements of the gospel. Today Sam focuses his efforts on developing Disciple Making Movements (DMM) and empowering the national leaders who head up CRM’s partner organizations in the Conext Network. Sam and his wife, Patty, are based in Fullerton, California. They have two adult children and four grandchildren.

Oscar M. Price III

Partner - Wallace, Jordan, Ratliff & Brandt, LLC | Birmingham, AL

Oscar has practiced law for over thirty years, as well as running a commercial roofing contractor for five years. Oscar has primarily represented small businesses and construction companies. Oscar has held leadership responsibilities in his church and various Christian organizations primarily in the area of discipleship. Oscar and his wife, Sand, live in Birmingham, AL and have four adult children.

Heather Scanlon

Vice President of Finance | Costa Mesa, CA

Heather Scanlon is a Southern California native, with both Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in Business Administration earned at California universities, and her CPA while with KPMG. Currently the Vice President of Finance at MK Battery in Anaheim, she has been with that company since its early days, almost 25 years. Besides serving on the CRM Board, Heather currently chairs the Board of Directors of Cross World Partners, a nonprofit that seeks to honor God and serve communities through business endeavors. Heather has two married sons and 7 grandchildren.

Chris Somogyi

Irvine, CA

Chris Somogyi serves as Executive Director of International Product Development for Allergen, where she leads cross-functional, multinational teams responsible for strategy and execution of global development and registration of new medications within targeted geographies of interest. Chris enjoys leadership development and coaching. She has a passion for strategy and big picture thinking. However, working cross-culturally, she has learned the critical role of context and the truth of the statement that “culture really does eat strategy for breakfast."

Keith Uebele

Portland, OR

Keith Uebele has been involved with CRM around the world since 1995, with a particular interest in the Middle East. Keith retired from Intel in 2016 after completing a 32 year career. Keith's strategic and executive skills have been particularly applicable within CRM. Keith and his wife, Ellen, live in Portland, OR, and have three adult children.