Ethne teams work to cultivate movements of God across cultures by developing healthy, apostolic leaders who will make disciples among all nations.

Here are the guiding principles that drive our work around the globe:

  • Apostolic Spirit: We are pioneering risk-takers who bring a catalyzing presence to our contexts by serving leaders who will reproduce disciples, churches and missions-sending entities in their contexts and beyond.
  • Incarnational Posture: We live among, serve alongside, and share our lives with the people to whom God has called us, ministering with while ministering to.
  • High Value for Culture: We invest heavily in learning language and culture to build authentic relationships with nationals and more effectively pursue what God is doing in the cultures where we serve. We also strive to use contextually appropriate methodology and empower national leadership.
  • Transformation and Development: Our ministry is biased toward the spiritual formation of others, to see people holistically transformed. Through the grid of development, we intentionally engage with others in their unique journeys of following Christ.
  • Multiplicative Impact: We leverage our involvement so that the Kingdom of God is expanded exponentially by targeting apostolic leaders and people of peace who will facilitate gospel movements and lead CoNext entities.
  • Value of Team: We believe we are better when serving on multidisciplinary teams. Serving in relationship with teammates shapes us and increases our impact.

We desire to see the following as God works through us:

  • Holistic Formation - our own personal and professional development and that of those we serve
  • Resources - provision of all we need to pursue our mission, including full funding
  • Kingdom Signs - fruit from normal engagement with the supernatural in prayer
  • New Followers of Christ - through our relationships and those with whom we work
  • Empowered Leaders - equipped to make disciples among the nations
  • Mobilized Churches - new ones formed and existing ones strengthened for mission
  • Cultural Transformation - in the neighborhoods and nations where we serve
  • Expansion - more staff, more teams, more nations
  • Multiplication - reproduction of apostolic leaders and CoNext global affiliates

We seek none of the above for the sake of numbers but instead to identify the measurable impact of where God is at work in us, among us, and through us for His glory.