InnerCHANGE is CRM's Christian order among the poor. Teams live and serve in marginalized neighborhoods around the world, seeking to live out the good news of Jesus in word and deed.

Drawing from the inspiration of classic orders within the historical church, InnerCHANGE teams fuel the expansion of God's kingdom among the poor with creativity and innovation. Every team holds to a rhythm of common prayer, shared work, and a covenanted community life, integrating their intimacy with God and their common mission. Their work is marked by a robust expression of community that is strengthened by a common spirituality and facilitates the personal development and formation of each member. By God's grace the result is sustainable, enduring mission in every context where they work.

InnerCHANGE releases apostolic missionary teams to live and serve among the poorest of the poor with the goal of seeing authentic, long-lasting community transformation. Their priorities include integral mission among the least and the lost, the development of their contemplative response to the world, and a prophetic engagement with societal structures on behalf of their neighbors. They aim to catalyze authentic movements of God's kingdom among the poor, model holistic ministry for the mainstream Church, and recall the broader body of Christ to God's tender heart for the marginalized.

In the coming years InnerCHANGE seeks to continue growing in size and reach by equipping and sending apostolic teams. InnerCHANGE seeks the strengthening of their existing teams alongside the development and deployment of new efforts among the global poor. In each of their settings they desire local and national leadership to emerge.