Pioneer New Ground

new ground initiative

We pioneer new ground among those who are unreached, unchurched, and dechurched,
in order to make disciples of Jesus and new forms of church in hard-to-reach places.

Here's how it works...

new ground map

In our initiative to pioneer new ground, we want to extend the good news of Jesus into the spiritually dark parts of the world and into places where the Church has lost its influence.

In order to accomplish this, we work to:
  • Create new, vibrant expressions of the Church filled with passionate disciples of Jesus
  • Develop mission-oriented leaders helping these new churches grow and multiply, and
  • Raise up a new generation of national leaders multiplying these mission strategies across cultural, racial, and socio-economic boundaries.

We use three integrated strategies to pioneer new ground:

Direct Relational Ministry
In ministry contexts where the Church has little influence, we use a variety of approaches. In some places, we work to launch and multiply missional communities that can cross cultural, geographic, and socio-economic barriers to effectively reach the unchurched and dechurched with authentic lived-out Christianity. We also train and equip missional leaders for similar communities in cities around the globe.

Discovery Bible Studies
We develop networks of relationships that serve as the foundation for Disciple Making Movements (DMM). The primary building blocks for these movements are Discovery Bible Study groups which introduce people to the study of Scripture and the simple and transforming challenge to obey what they read there.

Church Planting
The third way this initiative is expressed is through planting churches in areas where there is no current church presence.

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