Pathways exists to launch apostolic leaders into cross-cultural settings around the world to more fully discover their unique design and calling while making a contribution in their host contexts. These new missionaries receive hands-on training through mentoring and experiential learning as they engage ministry in teams alongside seasoned missionaries.

Pathways teams spend two years living and serving on the field where CRM staff are already present. During that time, they move through three stages of engagement:

During the first few months, teams focus solely on integrating into the culture and learning the language. This serves as a foundation for ongoing learning throughout the two years.
Teams then begin a discernment stage during which they intentionally study the city and its people. This includes exploring spiritual and natural history; becoming acquainted with groups of influence; listening to the needs of the city; and observing where God is at work. As a team, they create a ministry plan based on their learnings while also relying heavily on the Holy Spirit.
During this stage, the team engages ministry according to the plan they formed. They focus on building relationships with the spiritually hungry, praying for God to ignite a movement, and cooperating with his leading in the process. In the final months of their two-year term, team members discern and prepare for their next steps as they transition out of the ministry context and re-enter into their home context.

Team member development
The program is half inward-focused and half outward-focused. Team members undergo personal growth and development as they serve, learning by doing rather than passively gain knowledge.

While on the field, Pathways team members participate in learning modules that are designed and selected for ministering in their specific context as well as future ministry opportunities. Topics may include Thriving Through Transitions, Entering a Culture, Spiritual Authority, Mapping a City, Team Building, Living in Community, Disciple Making Movements, Inner Healing Prayer, Coaching, and more.

Pathways seeks to give the next generation of leaders a clearer sense of calling through cross-cultural experience, team building, practicing ministry, training, mentoring, and coaching. Team members will learn how to enter a culture, thrive through transitions, and use their strengths and gifting more effectively—being equipped to make long-term Kingdom impact.