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Gospel movements historically have five essential components, all of which are necessary for a movement to reach its full potential: prayer, evangelism & discipleship, leader development, church formation, and cultural transformation. Prayer pervades every aspect of a gospel movement and is critical in laying the foundation and creating the necessary conditions for a movement to launch and thrive. Movemental prayer operates comfortably in the supernatural and clears the way in the spiritual realm for the gospel to be received.

Prime is a verb meaning “to make ready for use or action”. Just as a surface is primed with a preparatory coat of paint to ensure subsequent layers of color hold well under heat and over time, so Prime plays an essential role of preparation—partnering with CRM teams to accelerate breakthrough at the team, ministry, and regional levels and positioning us more effectively to launch and sustain the gospel movements we long to see.

Prime is comprised of five teams, each representing an expression of movemental prayer—Strategic, Healing, Worship, Intercession, and Prophetic. These teams strategically partner with CRM teams to help create the necessary conditions for gospel movements to launch and thrive and equip CRM staff to effectively operate in these five areas of movemental prayer.

Prime teams work to accomplish these objectives in three ways:

Each team takes part in an ongoing learning process. Teams regularly explore new methods and discover best practices specific to their expression of prayer. They consistently draw from external resources to sharpen their understanding and ability within their area of focus, while growing in and integrating practices of other expressions of prayer.

Prime lays the foundation and creates the necessary conditions for gospel movements by partnering with specific CRM teams in the field, providing support for CRM conferences, and undertaking special projects unique to individual Prime teams. Partnerships with CRM teams are strategically formed to accelerate breakthrough at the team, ministry, or regional level.

Prime equips primarily through action. As we partner with CRM teams, we are consistently modeling, assisting, and training in the five areas of movemental prayer—building confidence and skill. Prime teams also periodically host Discovery Cohorts—opportunities for shared learning and experimentation. Additional Prime trainings are offered during CRM conferences and gatherings.