Engage equips movement leaders to train their leaders to make more and better disciples that develop churches into community resource centers that transform their neighborhoods.

We Christians too often evangelize but do not fully disciple or transform our people, schools, or communities. This failure to engage with Jesus’ transformation quest and mission of love has devastating effects.

Engage responds to this issue by helping you define what a self-feeding follower of Christ looks like in your context. We follow this outline over three years of trainings with coaching to make more and better disciples:

  • Surveying the needs of your movement leaders and pastors
  • Training your trainers in the art of critical thinking and disciple making
  • Piloting training with key core leaders in their churches
  • Using Sunday’s preaching and learning time to launch your disciple-making plan
  • Continuing to hand-tailor trainings from the needs assessment surveys as expressed from the pastors and regional overseers to set their own agenda and mobilize to carry it out

We also provide the following trainings with follow-up coaching in English, French and Portuguese:

  • Discovering God’s Love - Starting Disciple Making Movements
  • Coach Training & Advance Coach Training (Four parts in two years)
  • TOT - Design Team Training for Movements / Non-Profit Organizations
  • Training The Trainers In The Art Of Facilitation (Four parts in two years)
  • Becoming A Change Agent In Education (Four parts in two years)
  • Developing Churches As Community Resource Centers (Four parts in two years)

Engage equips leaders with educational strategies and heart transformational disciple-making skills, and then coaches them through implementation to anchor deeper change. Our trainings with “follow-up coaching” last over two years to ensure learning application succeeds and lasts.

Why do we believe so strongly in coaching leaders after training? Let’s compare the results of just training without coaching following vs. training with "follow-up coaching". Research shows that trainings resulted in a 23% improvement in performance; whereas trainings coupled with "follow-up coaching" resulted in 79% and 84% performance improvement respectively for individuals and corporations. That’s over 300% net gain.