The Lord is building His Church in Vietnam!

CRM is making a significant contribution in the early stages of the development of a young church. Since the Protestant church started only 100 years ago, it has grown to almost 2 million (out of a population of 90 million).

In the last quarter century this growth has really taken off. Many people are turning to Christ. But the church struggles to incorporate them, grow them, and develop these new believers into ministry leaders.

In the midst of evangelistic growth there is a vacuum for discipleship and leadership development.

In 2011, Jim Creasman had been living in Singapore for eleven years. He had been serving the churches there as a consultant in leadership development and global outreach. A CRM mentoring ministry had been established with pastors in Singapore. These pastors were branching out to nearby Southeast Asian neighbors. At a strong urging from the Lord, Jim took an exploratory trip to Vietnam which opened doors to unexpected opportunity. Since then, he has been making 4-6 ministry visits a year.

Jim is focusing on three areas of strengthening Vietnamese Christian leaders. He makes repeated personal visits. On these visits, he meets with leaders in small groups and has individual meetings to help leaders make strategic connections.

First, Jim is working with mature pastors who have been in ministry for decades. They are role models and key influencers. In their 50s-60s, they love the spiritual renewal that comes from our gatherings. When they get away with each other, they have the opportunity to discuss personal and church issues with peers. With Jim, they have an outside confidante who will listen and give fresh perspective. They especially ask for help in developing ministry leaders in their churches.

Second, Jim is working with emerging leaders who may become the role models and national leaders in the future. They are in their late 30s and respected by their seniors and their peers. They treasure the affirmation and personal attention and guidance they get from an experienced leader. They especially ask for help in character and spiritual formation, and in decision-making.

Third, Jim is working with innovative ministry leaders. New initiatives such as a Bible School, a citywide community service movement, and market place ministries have leaders with great vision! It is exciting to talk with them about what is possible in Vietnam and what their part will be in new platforms. They especially ask for help in skill development and resource networking.

Kimberly is spearheading a project to develop Vietnamese Christian authors. With a team of three others in Saigon, she is working on a book for spiritual formation. Based on Myra Perrine's What's Your God Language, and Gary Thomas' Sacred Pathways, it is set in a context of life in South East Asia.