In late 1991, CRM began deploying staff to the Soviet Union to Leningrad, or what is now known as St. Petersburg, Russia. There, amidst a broken society filled with mistrust and authoritarianism, they had to endure through many crises where it seemed the window of opportunity for ministry would close again. Yet, maintaining the long-term perspective has paid off. Not only does Ethne continue to have a presence in St. Petersburg, but it has expanded to the cities of Kursk and Novomichurinsk.

Ministry in St. Petersburg
From the very beginning, CRM staff in Russia have valued incarnational ministry that empowers local leaders and a Russian vision for the church, focusing on personal contacts and trust with Russian leaders. This intimate, hands-on approach utilizes discipleship, mentoring, seminars, and Bible college teaching. The ministry emphasizes personal and group leadership mentoring in a variety of contexts—such as local churches, charitable organizations, and Christian higher education—so that Russians gain a vision for what God wants to do in their own lives and ministries.

Ministry in Kursk
In 2010, the Kursk team decided to open The Harbor of Kursk, partnering with The Harbor of St. Petersburg. There, youth are mentored and encouraged, developing them in ways that would not otherwise happen due to the inadequate orphan care systems of state institutions. The ministry provides care ranging from practical training through internships, to personal cultivation through relationship. This holistic approach results in the youth gaining skill sets that prepare them for entering into society and into adulthood, as well as more healthy maturation and self-worth.

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