South Africa and its surrounding countries are severely lacking Christian disciples and empowered Christian leaders to guide them. And even after the fall of the oppressive Apartheid government in 1994, South Africa continues to be torn by racial tensions and plagued with poverty. Yet there is definitely a spiritual hunger in people across Southern Africa.

Both HIV/AIDS and crime are growing in South Africa. There is lingering mistrust between racial groups, tribal groups, and socioeconomic groups. Individuals and organizations are struggling to find a place for themselves in the new order of things.

The Ethne South Africa team was formed in 2010 and lives incarnationally among the people of Tshwane (the city of Pretoria and surrounding areas). Pretoria is the executive capital of South Africa and is home to numerous embassies, universities, and government agencies. Four million people live in Tshwane. Extreme wealth exists next door to abject poverty.

The Ethne team members are involved in a handful of ministry efforts with Disciple Making Movements being one of our primary focuses. Several us are part of Accelerate dedicated to Disciple Making Movements in urban contexts. We focus making disciples and planting churches across South Africa and at the same time raising up teams to expand this across other countries in Southern Africa. We do this in partnership with CRM’s Conext Partners, TAN Foundation. Other ministry efforts on our team include spiritual formation, ministry through the arts, and reconciliation ministry.