The Westlake/McArthur park neighborhood of Los Angeles, CA is home predominantly to Mexican and Central American immigrant families. InnerCHANGE has been in this large, densely populated area for decades.

In 2008, the current InnerCHANGE LA team planted in a pocket of the neighborhood where InnerCHANGE was not formerly known. As we have been building relationships and community among neighbors there, the Lord has given us a vision that we are committed to living into. It is a vision of a garden as an environment of sanctuary to cultivate Godly leaders through cultivating the land together.

The vision is rooted in Jeremiah 29:4-7, where the Lord reveals to exiles a process to develop peace and well-being in a foreign land; there are multiple parallels for our immigrant neighbors. It is a process of neighborhood transformation.

We are in the preliminary steps of realizing this transformation: building a benevolent community through accompaniment and family-oriented bible studies, learning about gardening, engaging the City of Los Angeles, regularly visiting sick and dying residents in a local convalescent hospital, and more. As a team, we have always emphasized loving our neighbors, affirming their identities as God’s beloved, and enabling ministries to emerge through the hopes and needs of local leaders.