Built on the steep hills of Caracas, the barrios of Venezuela are afflicted heavily by violence and spiritual oppression. Families live with the constant turmoil of loss and frequent crime. Yet the barrios are bound together by a strong sense of community and respect. In this environment, InnerCHANGE Venezuela is working alongside community leaders and community outsiders to see churches spring up and grow, transforming the barrio from the inside out.

In 2001, Lila Blanchard, Steve Scharf and the Shorack family were commissioned to begin the InnerCHANGE work in Venezuela, arriving as a team in November of that year. Now almost ten years later, the InnerCHANGE team in Caracas is planted in the barrio of Pedro Camejo serving with both Venezuelan and North American team members.

The team in Caracas focuses their time on visiting the sick, loving the outcasts, working with children, and making friends with the "sinners" in their neighborhood. They do all this while living in the barrio and experiencing the rhythm of day-to-day life in this very interconnected community.

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