Imago Christi is a team called to live out and invite Christian leaders to a deepening and transforming relationship with God.

The team endeavors to support leaders with resources, coaching, and relationships that facilitate and encourage spiritual formation that reflects the Christ-likeness of Jesus' intimacy with the Father. Through this, leaders learn to follow Jesus specifically in the transformation of the Church, whose love for God will overflow into a world longing for intimacy with God.

As a team they are committed to:

  • Studying and developing spiritual formation resources
  • Facilitating communication about spiritual formation in the international leadership development community
  • Coaching pastors, missionaries, and other Christian leaders and churches to enhance their life-long spiritual formation
  • Multiplying such missional spiritual formation learning communities for Christian leaders worldwide so that leaders might lead out of personal and corporate intimacy with the Trinity, that the Church may be made beautiful for her Bridegroom and accomplish her mission to expand the Kingdom of God

Imago Christi offers training events and regular Discovery Events where leaders are invited to explore their life and personal relationship with God to grow deeper. They offer ongoing coaching to help leaders maintain intimacy with God and others in the fast-paced and often isolating world of ministry. They also offer books and resources on spiritual formation and growth.