Kineo: to cause to go, i.e. to move, set in motion, to be moved
move: of that motion which is evident in life

Ministry Focus:
Kineo is a team that seeks to transform the impact of the Church by equipping and modeling discipleship through immersion with the poor and marginalized.

The team is committed to assisting the Church in rediscovering its purpose by taking discipleship training out of the classroom and into the trenches of experience. Through our "Discipleship thru Immersion" process, designed around organic self discovery, the churches we work with regain a clear picture of fundamental elements such as church unity, purpose, active missional living, compassion for the lost, and backyard disciple-making.

"Discipleship Thru Immersion" 3 Level Process:

  • Level 1 - Immersion: Participants are immersed in experience, engagement, and action resulting in organic discovery
  • Level 2 - Debrief: Participants reflect and discuss this immersion through the lens of Scripture
  • Level 3 - Coaching: Participants are strategically taught in the gaps through continued hands on training

Kineo's hope is to see this process result in movements that transform lives on both sides--lives transformed within the Church that in turn transform its global impact, and lives transformed among the poor, sick, and marginalized of the world by way of seeing and experiencing the active gospel lived out and proclaimed by the Church!

Ministry Plan:
In order to accomplish our global task and vision, we believe God is calling us to:

  • Set up our base of operations overseas
  • Train leaders on disciple-making through practical applications and relational living
  • Locate and direct viable local and over-seas immersion ministries
  • Build partnerships between churches/ministry leaders and immersion ministries
  • Engage with the poor and marginalized in long lasting personal relationships
  • Recapture discipleship as the Great Commission given by Jesus

Throughout the history of God's people, the reoccurring problem of losing their mandate or purpose has continued to exist. From the Tower of Babel, to the Israelites in the wilderness, to the Pharisees in the time of Christ, to the Church today, the mission of "this gospel will be preached to all nations" continues to be forgotten. Yet, when reminded, when in 100% obedience, and when totally given over to fulfilling their mission, the Church is unstoppable. "Who can endure the Army of The Lord?" Nothing! The Church is 100% overwhelming when 100% obedient to its purpose!

Kineo is a global team with a global purpose. We are currently involved with ministries in:

  • Arizona
  • Mississippi
  • Honduras
  • Kenya
  • Southern India
  • Uganda