Launch is a community of people living in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota), who are equipping and mentoring Millennial leaders to discover, facilitate, and launch new kinds of churches and communities of faith that venture beyond the traditional reach of the church. As a team, they mentor leaders toward risk and exploration of what church can be, they coach leaders from their own practical experience, and they connect local leaders to learn from and support one another.

In pursuit of this mission, they commit to these distinct areas of ministry:
  • Creatively re-imagining discipleship and Missional DNA as the core of the Church and its leadership.
  • Facilitating and participating in ongoing learning and exploration of what church can be.
  • Birthing and nurturing new communities of faith.
  • Equipping and encouraging existing leaders and practitioners.
  • Identifying and developing emerging leaders and practitioners.
  • Initiating and facilitating city-wide, neighborhood-based prayer and collaboration.

Launch is a growing team, always looking to connect with other leaders and ministries, who are interested in partnering together in kingdom initiatives.