Málaga’s history spans over 2800 years making it one of the oldest cities in the world, rich in culture and tradition. It has experienced a long history of conflict and oppression. After the Franco regime fell in 1975, the once heavily dominated Catholic nation began pursuing their new personal freedoms with gusto. Spain has been reported as becoming one of the most progressive and socially audacious states, and one of the least religious places in Europe as seeing the church as a guide for moral values.

It is a people who put strong identity in family, relationships, and their local neighborhoods. Most would claim to be Catholic, but only a small percentage attend religious functions. The evangelical church registers at less than 1%, and like much of the world, there is an ever-growing influence of Islam.

God has led us to the barrio, or neighborhood, of El Palo. It once was a simple fishing village that has grown to become an influential neighborhood in Málaga. It sits along the Mediterranean in the south of Spain, and houses most of the Spanish language schools that attract young students from all over Europe. This particular area of Malaga has kept much of its Spanish identity, and at night you can find many young people hanging around the small harbors, passing time together.

Our Ministry
Our hope is to be a redemptive presence in our city as we develop leaders and invest in those who have yet to follow Jesus with their lives. We see this accomplished through the platform of living in and serving out of intentional community.

  • Lives within close proximity, focusing on common neighbors, friends, and places of influence
  • Shares meals together regularly - one of the ways we create opportunities to welcome neighbors, strangers, and friends into our lives
  • Develops others through coaching and mentoring relationships
  • Roots itself in prayer and the study of scripture
  • Offers missional training for others in the city


Story: Part of a Bigger Story: Developing Leaders in Málaga, Spain