ReFocusing is all about rediscovering calling.

We believe in the Church, even if society doesn’t. In a culture that proclaims that the church is dying, we have hope. Because we believe that God has placed his calling on the lives of pastors and church leaders to lead the church beyond its walls and impact the community in undeniably powerful ways.

We believe that many pastors need help. Why? Because we’ve been there.

We’re a team of former pastors and church leaders with over 150 years of experience in moving churches and church leaders to the missional calling of Jesus. We understand the hurdles churches face. We understand the problems of pastors. That’s why we specialize in leadership development, church vision, and an engagement in the local community that leads to transformation. But notice the progression of this change.

In the simplest terms possible: Our calling is pastors.

A thriving church is one that goes beyond its walls and expands the love of Christ into the community. The Missional Pathway is a 4 step journey into church transformation with this central idea in mind. The end result of the Missional Pathway is a transformed church and a radically altered community. But the Missional Pathway begins with you.

Are you the kind of leader who is ready to lead this change?

Pastor Darin shares the story of how his church became missional, and provides tips on how yours can too. Click here to download the story.