The health and well being of our souls has an impact on everything. The health of leaders’ souls affects not only themselves and their close relationships, but also the health of their churches, ministries, and those whom they influence both inside and outside the church.

Did you know?
  • 1500 pastors leave ministry each month due to moral failure, spiritual burnout, or church conflict
  • 70% of pastors have no one in whom to confide
  • 34% of missionaries leave the field their first term for reasons that could be prevented by spiritual and holistic care
  • 81% of pastors say they aren’t effectively helping people grow in Christ

Ministry Vision
ReNew is a team of men and women within CRM whose vision is to strengthen the souls of leaders and those they serve so that they’re able to thrive in their love for God and in their impact in the world with the love of Christ.

Our commitment is to walk alongside pastors, ministry leaders, and missionaries, as well as their spouses, to help them experience rest, renewal, and restoration of their souls in the midst of the ongoing demands of life and ministry.

While we serve leaders who are experiencing burnout, pain, or emotional injury, we are also passionate about serving those who want to guard against these possibilities and grow in their effectiveness as leaders and ministers.

Our team offers safe and confidential environments where leaders are able to grow in deeper relationship with God through discernment and cooperation with the Holy Spirit as He forms and empowers their hearts, lives, and ministries.

To do this we offer:

  • Individual & Group Spiritual Direction
  • Individual & Group Retreats
  • Sabbatical Planning Support
  • Ministry Transition Coaching
  • Discernment Processes for Life and Ministry
  • Spiritual Formation-Focused Workshops and Small Groups
  • Healing Prayer

...all geared to help leaders integrate spiritual formation in a practical way into their lives and ministry.

Please contact us if you'd like to learn more!