You long for your church to have Kingdom impact: love for the least, hope for the lost, passion for the forgotten. You know your church needs to be rewired...but how?

Rediscover a biblical agenda for Kingdom living, equip your members to impact their community, foster missional spiritual formation, develop calling, and engage the vulnerable. It can happen through ReWire, transforming the church from the inside out. The ReWire team creates missionaries out of members. See your church's impact increase as you get rewired for today's challenges.

ReWire offers churches the opportunity to move from “consumer,” or church as a vendor of religious goods and services, to “missional," or church as a sent community to manifest God's Kingdom, celebrate God’s work, and deepen their Spirit-led call. It’s a move from missionary giving to missional living.

This transformational process involves the following:

  • Leadership Coaching — Step by step guidance to help prepare a congregation for the transition from consumer to missional
  • Workshops for Leadership Teams — 1- 3 Seminars on the theological and practical aspects of a missional shift
  • Missional Spiritual Formation — A discipleship journey for members to help them engage more deeply in the mission of God
  • Missional Sojourns — Trips (both local and global) to enlarge members’ vision of the outward mission of God
  • Urban/Suburban Church Partnerships — Mutually beneficial partnerships with resourced and non-resourced communities
  • Prayer Retreats — Guided times of prayer and reflection designed to strengthen members’ and leaders’ inward experience of the transforming presence of God