On all levels of notoriety and success, the musician community is a world clouded with hopelessness. For most artists the glamour of their on-stage performances lie in stark contrast with the realities of their lives off-stage. Depression and addiction run rampant, and the effects of such hopelessness runs deeper than just the musician’s own lives, they also influence the lives of their fans.

Our Ministry
RYFO offers a solution to the hopelessness that exists within the musician community. We’re called to walk alongside musicians to help them wrestle with matters of faith and identity, while also equipping other followers of Christ to do the same. As a result, we envision a revival of faith amongst musicians that will transform the way they live, the music they create, and the lives of the fans that follow them. We long to see the Body of Christ reaching and discipling musicians.

RYFO serves the musician community through a growing network of Christian Host Home families that provide musicians with love and hospitality while on tour. In order to also reach musicians who may not need to stay with a Host Home, we’re developing a Chaplaincy program that will commission individuals called to bring the light of the Gospel into music halls and concert venues.

Our History
RYFO began as a college-dorm-room dream in January 2004 and was made a reality in January 2009 with the launch of our first website. Since January 2009, we have served the needs of thousands of touring musicians with practical assistance, free meals, beds to sleep in, care-packs, prayer, and friendship. The original vision to serve touring musicians was birthed from seeing Christ-following loved ones struggle through the unique pressures, temptations, and realities that come with life on the road.

Today, though we still hold a significant desire to see Christ-following musicians on the road cared for, God has also deepened our desire to see the Good News of Jesus’ love shown and shared with all musicians (local and touring) that do not have a personal relationship with him, and those that may have been disenfranchised from the Church for one reason or another. We long to be a part of the Father’s reconciliation plan, while continuing to see the needs of Christ-following musicians supported as well. Our heart is to see musicians discipled and to see God’s glory reflected through their lives.

What are people saying about RYFO?

“RYFO is Jesus’ hand extended in a modern and creative way, by serving artists who are serving others.” (Jackie Patillo, Executive Director, Gospel Music Association)

“RYFO is doing good work for a generation of musicians that real needs mentors and support while away from home.” (Joy Ike, Singer-Songwriter based in Pittsburgh, PA)

“The heart of the Gospel is clearly alive in these revolutionary families...they remind us that families can take care of each other and extend their boundaries to be concerned with justice and care for all people, instead of only those who share their last name.” (Garrett Russell of the band Silent Planet)

“The sense of community and partnership RYFO creates does not only embody the necessity of the musical world, but the Church as well.” (Laura Reitzel of the band Comrades)

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