Transformation Among the Poor

poor initiative

By forming redemptive relationships with those who have been ignored or rejected by society,
we are bringing the hope of change to poor and marginalized communities.

Here's how it works...

new ground map

We want to transform poor communities from the inside out with the good news of Jesus so that community members come to know Him, and genuine wholeness and sustainability can be realized.

In the neighborhoods where we minister, we want to see:

  • New followers of Christ discipled and equipped to responsibly serve their communities
  • Existing local churches engaged and growing
  • New churches started in neighborhoods in need
  • Local Christian leaders raised up to lead these churches
  • New missional leaders developed to multiply teams around the world
  • Businesses created to provide employment for the poor and generate income to support local leaders and missionaries
We work for the transformation of poor communities using three distinct strategies:

Direct Relational Ministry
Some of our staff live among the poor to create safe relationships and disciple people toward Jesus. Long-term commitment to a poor community helps to build trust at a personal level and is an important means of addressing the root causes of brokenness.

Local Redemptive Initiatives
Our teams work in their respective locations to establish networks consisting of organizations, churches, schools, and social service entities to develop strategies and local initiatives that bring transformation for the poor and marginalized.

Mobilizing Churches to Work Among the Poor
In addition to direct ministry among the poor, we also work with church leaders to re-orient and release churches into redemptive work among the poor and marginalized populations in their own neighborhoods and cities.

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